The Real Estate Agent Burnout, Is It Real Or Just An Excuse?

We hear it all the time with small business owners, real estate agents, and entrepreneurs, I am getting Burned Out out in the business. Is the Burnout real or just an excuse? Here is our take on the subject. 

There is no question that being a full time real estate agent is hard work, long odd hours, limited family time, and at times very stressful. We are always wondering if we should keep going. Are we providing enough for our families? Are we spending enough time with our families? How do we balance our time with our family, our work, and ourselves? These questions go through our minds constantly, but we always come back to the same answer, we know our "WHY". Why do we keep grinding day in and day out when times get tough?  The simple answer, our families.  The burnout simply isn't an option for any member of the Okoboji Property Group. Part of the reason we formed our team, and the reason it works so well, the three of us have very similar values and views on life. On the top of that list, is family. We know how important it is for us to succeed in this industry, to be able to give our families the life they deserve.  They are our "WHY," and when you find out what your "WHY" is, there is no burnout.

Greg's "WHY"
Liz's "WHY"
Matt's "WHY"

In addition to providing for our families, we all genuinely enjoy buying and selling real estate in the Okoboji area. We've made our homes here, and love the area. It's truly fun to help our clients find their forever homes in this area, because we love it here ourselves. In the process of finding those homes for our clients, those clients turn into friends. We've all made long time friends from helping people find homes. Plain and simple, we just love every aspect of this job. If you ask anyone that we've helped find their home, they'll tell you that their experience with Okoboji Property Group is different from other agents in the area. With the three of us, one of us is always able to help, and we're happy to do so. We're on the phone chatting with you when it's most convenient for you; even if it's 9 at night! Our main goal is to make you happy, and hope that we've done our job making the buying and selling process as easy as possible. Last but not least, we hope that we've also made a new friend in the end.